This is my second time attempting a PDF pattern garment. The first was a Burda dress and let’s just say it didn’t go too well. Just looking at pictures online doesn’t give me a sense of whether something will look good on me… I find when I’m in a fabric store and I can take out the pattern instructions and look at the shape of the pattern pieces, I can get a better sense of whether I’ll have fitting challenges.

But I digress.

Today, I’m attempting the Colette Sorbetto. It’s free, it’s simple, and it’s what I need to fit under my Burda 6801. I’ve purchased a white rayon and I’m going for simplicity. The first thing I did after printing and assembling the pattern was trace it out onto Burda tissue paper (if I sound like a Burda fan-girl, I am, and I don’t even get paid to be).

I’ve traced the 18, because in Big 4 patterns I’ve been making 18-20 for the top and 20-22 for the bottom lately. However, I just checked the Colette sizing chart and realized my measurements (bust 41.5″, waist 36″) make me somewhere between a 14-16 so I’ll watch my sizing carefully and be prepared to take things in, or give healthy seam allowances. I’m planning to use French seams for this.

There are a few fitting question marks which come up for me… These photos illustrate how this pattern doesn’t seem to make sense right off the printer:

What's with the shoulder seams not being aligned? I have the pattern pieces pinned to my centre front and back on the straight grain.

What’s with the shoulder seams not being aligned? I have the pattern pieces pinned to my centre front and back on the straight grain.

The bust point is obviously a bit higher on me than the pattern model, so I'll have to redraw the bust dart.

The bust point is obviously a bit higher on me than the pattern model, so I’ll have to redraw the bust dart. I’ve marked a dot where my bust point is (thanks to my Uniquely-You dress form) and where I think the dart should stop to avoid dimples.

The Colette patterns are drafted for a C cup, so fortunately there seems to be enough fabric here around the circumference of the bust. I might redraw the armscye so it provides a bit more coverage, because once I’ve done the bias binding, this will probably come a little further down than is necessarily appropriate or flattering for work.

Onwards I go to fix these things… Will update the post later!

My past two projects have been self-drafted garments – a pencil skirt and a knit top with a draped collar. I don’t know quite how to describe it, so I’ll just post pictures.

Oh yeah… There’s something a little different about my hair.

image image

As you can see, I got some blue boots.


Here’s the neckline of the top. I drafted this top about five years ago – in fact, the first time I made it was December 2011. I put sleeves on it that time. This is the 6th version. Some of them end up with sleeves. One became a dress with a fabulous Pucci-esque print. Anyways, this is a simple tank top out of this terrific print.

The skirt is a cotton jacquard. Photographs don’t do justice to the jacquard pattern. It has some stars and flowers and a variety of great vines and other wonderful things. I’ve lined it with a crepe of unknown fibre that was in my stash. Putting the lining together with the walking pleat at the back was really hard. I had to re-sew it by hand three or four times before it would hang properly.

Anyways, this outfit is the epitome of what I’ve been trying to do with my Seasonal Sew Wardrobe in blue and orange. The other pieces haven’t yet lived up to my expectations, but I’ll keep trying.

I’ve been wanting to put more things into my wardrobe to wear under suit jackets, and when shopping my pattern stash for ideas for this month, I came upon this Coordinates set. The pretty pink jacket on the pattern cover was an eye-grabber. I am really not a fan of the type of dress in View C, and need another skirt pattern like a hole in the head, but the tank top was worth a go.

Pattern envelope picture

Pattern envelope picture

I used a flimsy hot-pink crepe fabric that was in my stash. I honestly can’t remember when I acquired it or from where. It was pretty good to work with, and a lovely colour. I sort of wish I’d laid it out for a bias cut on the body pieces (not the yoke) so it would drape a little more softly around the body.