About Me

My name is Susan Low. I am from Greater Victoria, in the traditional territories of the Lekwungen people. My professional background is in business and entrepreneurship, although I am in the midst of a career transition into community development and (possibly) politics.

I have been blogging without fanfare since 2000 under various domain names. This site is intended to be a platform for my views on politics, community, economics and change. You can likely expect to find some mention of my hobbies (rowing and fashion sewing) and my family among my blog posts.

Sometimes when I write, I am blowing off steam and expressing a passionate response to a topic. I don’t always intend to be completely objective on this site. More often, however, I will try to find and cite reliable sources for things – where I can – and I’m interested in additional evidence both in support and in contradiction to my views.

I look forward to what transpires here!

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