This started out as something to keep me busy until I can go out tomorrow and get some stretch mesh for another project (to be revealed). I bought the Loulouxe Skort earlier this month at the same time as purchasing the Stretch City Coat pattern from Jalie. There’s one more pattern I bought had haven’t downloaded yet… and about ten more Jalie patterns I want to get soon!

I will be making this up in the raspberry pink athletic knit that I have put aside for a crop top/lounge sports top as my last May project. I’ve cut out those pieces but still need the stretch mesh, and I have about 1m of the fabric left, so I decided to see if it’s enough to make this skort. Why yes it is! But only a fool makes a new pattern out of good fabric without testing it first, so I dug into the stash and found this lovely blue swimwear and matching solid Lycra fabric, which turned out to be just enough to do a wearable muslin! (If you’re new here, and new to sewing, that means a ‘practice’ garment out of fabric that has the same properties but is cheap/free/expendable).

I just *adore* this pattern. I managed to print it, tape it together, make a pitcher of sangria, cut it out, figure out fabric layout, cut the muslin fabric , eat dinner, drink half the pitcher of sangria, sew the skirt part, refresh my sangria, sew the shorts, finish the sangria, and put on the waistband. Now granted, my sangria isn’t ridiculously strong… but it was about right to keep me mildly buzzed the whole way through, without any major fuckups. Now THAT is what I call a good pattern, right?

The only thing I modified on this pattern was to use 1” wide cotton elastic instead of 1cm wide elastic on the waistband. This was noted in a pattern review I saw somewhere this afternoon. Worked like a charm. Cutting a size down was probably a good idea… this fabric is pretty stretchy.

I am tickled blue, in this case!!