No, we’re fucking not. And if I ask again, I’m gonna pull this car over…

I am running low on patience.

Actually, I didn’t do much work on the dress this weekend. I found out on Friday afternoon that the special occasion I’d been told would be on Monday had been postponed, probably until the 23rd. Nice of them to give me a breather so I didn’t have to bust my ass all weekend to finish this. Instead, my home got a little cleaner and my video game characters got a little buffer.

I futzed about with the bodice lining some more on Saturday, trying to figure out why it wasn’t matching the outer fabric. Still a mystery. Much ripping and re-stitching of seams was done, with very little outward difference to show for it. I did get around to basting closed the front overlap, at least.

I’ve been having quandaries about the best way to assemble this dress now that I’ve moved the zipper to a side seam and added sleeves. The tutorial I referenced a few posts back for cap sleeves doesn’t incorporate a lining for the bodice, so I’m on my own to adapt the construction methods there.

I need to construct the back of the skirt and then put it together with the front of the skirt, and attach the midriff to the lower half of the dress. That way I can judge whether this thing is even going to fit me once I get it on. If I recall correctly, the pattern as I made it previously had rather generous ease, but that fabric had stretch and this does not. I did add about 1.5” to the side seams around the waist when I cut this version, so that might be a useful thing. My dress form hasn’t been altered since I gained 10 lbs and that has me a bit worried.

Two sleeves. Though they look like something else when laid out this way. *snicker*

I decided this evening that I should get the sleeves at least constructed and ready to go. They are lined with piping in the hem, and it took me far too many tries to get two sleeves, mirror image of each other, with the lining matching up at the sleeve cap so I can sew it in either as one piece, or sew just the fashion fabric first and then hand-sew the lining in place once the outer part of the dress is constructed.

I have to say, I am ready to put this project aside for a while and do some “easy” sewing, but I fear that I might never come back to it. I think perhaps tomorrow night I’ll try fitting the skirt and if it’s going to be dodgy, this will go on hold. I may or may not attempt to change my body shape to fit the dress. (Leaning towards no, because that’s a crap motivator destined to bring me much negativity and anxiety).

I’m starting to daydream about simple things like bathing suits…