I haven’t gone to this length to preview a dress in ages. I’ve basically cut apart all of the fashion fabric pieces and pinned them together on my dress form and tested out a variety of style options, from pocket designs to midriff fabric choice.

This was my original vision for the project, with a blue midriff out of the same fabric that I’ll be doing the piping in. Obviously the piping isn’t going to be this thick. I was just trying to figure out how it would look with the piping up there. And frankly, this looks like a flight attendant’s uniform.

See those pockets? The stripes lining up? What are the chances I can make it turn out that way when I actually sew this all together? Imma need some serious relaxing sewing after this project.

This is with the midriff piece in the same fabric, which definitely looks a little more normal and tailored.

My wonderful friend Julie suggested cutting the midriff piece on the bias, which will make lining up the stripes/pattern a little less aneurysm-inducing.

Also, I want to give a shout-out to the Madam Sews presser foot set, which my wunderbar lover-man got me for Christmas in 2018, not even knowing how awesome it was. OK so the shout-out is for him, but the presser foot set also rocks. I used the piping foot to create about 250 inches of piping from a 22” square of fabric (the tube method, look that up).

I will leave you with this absolute awesomeness – the piping is a perfect match for the fabric. Killer.

And so this is the look I’ll be going with. I have to go off to the Fabricland and get some lining for this, because neither of the options I had put aside will work for this – royal blue or grey. Nope. I think I need a tawny colour to be low-key.