Yeah I did.

What do dresses need? POCKETS.

What does this dress have? LINED, PIPED POCKETS.

I’m going to leave this photo LARGE because POCKETS deserve close-ups.

They are basted shut for the time being, but when this dress is done it will have glorious, heavenly, curved, piped pockets, and I am a goddess. The pattern matching could be slightly more perfect but it’s pretty damn good nonetheless.

There will be piping in the midriff seams, but for now I am just trying to get it to make sense.

I am having a very frustrating and un-fun time getting the midriff to line up properly on the bodice, and I think it’s because I can’t decide how much overlap I want on those pieces. The fear of hoochie-mama is real, folks. This is work attire, and I don’t want to have to wear a modesty panel. If this isn’t done right, even stitching that overlap closed will look janky. Tomorrow night, I think I’m going to have to make a commitment on this and get on with the rest of construction.

If I do manage to get it put together and not have to rip it off in tears, I should be able to finish the dress by Sunday night. I’ll need to do the arms/sleeves, the lining at the skirt vent, and the zipper. Each of those is probably a 2-3 hour task, and throw in another couple of hours for fuckups, and I have 12 hours of sewing ahead of me to wrap this baby up.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.