I wrote / drafted a whole other post about my Blues Capsule wardrobe project for February 2020, and my asshole iPad lost it before I could save it. I am jumping in with Project #3, my blue and off-white plaid ponte dress.

Snapshot of the blue and off-shite plaid ponte fabric
This is the fabric I’m using.

I’m using my basic bodice block for this dress. I plan to trace the basic block, add skirt length, and then redraw the shoulders and neckline to suit my fancy, and use the fashion fabric pieces as templates to cut out knit lining. I’ve made a tank top with this pattern twice now and in a ponte knit, no zipper is required.

I discovered when I was laying down my pattern pieces that this is an uneven/unbalanced plaid, so I’ve spent a silly amount of time draping the fabric on my dress form to decide how I want to position the pieces.

I’m going to use the “burrito method” for the neckline and armholes, because I have used it on a few other projects recently and I really like the way it turns out.

…. and it’s finished. I have this habit of writing draft posts and waiting until the project is done before coming back to publish. This is partly because I’m too busy sewing to keep up with blogging. Sigh.

Photos of this project to come.