This is sort of a placeholder post to start off this series of sewing projects. I’d written a longer blog post about my intentions, but it got lost in a technology snafu.

Basically, I have a ton of fabric and lots of RTW clothing featuring a family of deep royal and navy blues, and I want to round them out into a capsule wardrobe. For those playing at home who haven’t heard of a capsule wardrobe, it’s a set of clothes that all go together in mix n match forms, usually following a theme of some kind. This colour story is something I really like wearing in the fall/winter/early spring and I already have lots of it.

These are the fabrics I have with projects I can make out of them, with one additional project that I’d like to make or buy but I can’t find any suitable fabric yet.

In addition to these seven garments, there are two tank tops under way as part of the same colour story. One is already written up on this blog – the other is unfinished and waiting for the side seam and hem to be done.

Here are the projects listed:

  1. Tank top – blue, black, and white print scuba (see photo below)
  2. Tank top – powder blue crepe
  3. Dress – blue tweed-print ponte
  4. Dress – blue, tan, taupe tweed lightweight wool
  5. Skirt – navy blue heavy ponte
  6. Pants – navy blue poly/rayon/spandex blend
  7. Skirt/Shorts – blue wool (used this fabric for piping on Project #4)
  8. Skirt – royal blue heavy jersey
  9. Cardigan/sweater – royal blue, knit
This was Top #1. For top #2, I used the same bodice block pattern but made it a princess line from the shoulder. Self-drafted, woo.