Yesterday I spent several hours unpinning and repinning the pieces of the Paris Plaid jacket. I realized that I had cut out the side front pieces on an incorrect grain line so the plaid wasn’t going to line up vertically. I finally got it all right and then slipped the bodice of the jacket off the dress form and on to me…

Yeugh. I’m not even going to share a photograph of it. I had felt a bit of concern that the fabric wasn’t going to be flattering on me, especially in a fussy jacket form, and I was absolutely correct. The colour was really NOT good on me.

So, I’ve taken it apart and it is going to rest for a while. I may repurpose the pieces some day to try to make a dress, but it’s more likely that it will get given away at some point. I don’t have enough space in my condo to keep failed sewing projects and frankly I feel like it’s better to cut my losses and move on to other projects that SPARK JOY.

Off I go to Fabricland!

I’ve done a preliminary scan of my fall/winter wardrobe and identified a rather critical lack of colourful tops to wear. So I am going to focus on that (and try to resist my habitual urge to MAKE MORE DRESSES. MORE DRESSES. ALWAYS MORE DRESSES. Who am I kidding? I love wearing dresses! So I’ll make tops AND DRESSES.

Stay tuned.