All I had to do last night was hem the sleeves, lining and skirt. I was pleased to remember (finally) that I had acquired a skirt hem marking thingymajiggy, which you can see on the bottom left in the photo above. This magical device holds chalk powder and uses a puff of air to deliver a line of chalk onto your garment. Turn the garment around on the dress form, keep puffing, and poof! You have a level chalked line for trimming and hemming a skirt.

I reinforced the hems at each point with some fusible knit tape, a product that I would strongly consider committing murder for, if it was ever to be taken off the market. Then it was up to Vera, my coverstitch machine, to do the honours. I am getting better at switching thread colours on Vera and it is no longer necessary to sing her theme song: “Vera… Vera… what has become of you?” (Cue the Pink Floyd).

Yes my condo is a mess when I’m in sewing mode. Deal.

I am delighted by how this dress turned out! I wore it to work today and got some rather effusive compliments from my boss (she knows how to make me a happy worker – praise my wardrobe!).

Next project up… I have some red crepe scuba knit that wants to be a skirt. I really ought to work on my son’s bed quilt though, and parenting guilt may win out tomorrow night. (I took tonight off).