I found this fabric yesterday at F-land and it just said “take me home”. It is navy blue with orange, cream and green graphic elements. I brought it home and draped it over the dress form, thinking it would be a top, and instead it told me to make it a dress. So that is what I’m doing. I sketched and draped and ransacked old patterns and redrew them and the pattern and then grabbed muslin fabric and draped and cut and then crossed fingers… and cut the fabric. I have constructed half of it and I have to stop to get a decent night’s sleep.

Here she is. She will get sleeves, and I am debating adding a lining under the skirt to give a little body to it, so the swish of the fabric isn’t caught up on my tights. I have cut the lining and can add it in tomorrow before I assemble the skirt to the bodice.

I was going to include pockets but I ran out of fabric. Literally. Not even enough scraps for pockets.