Here we are in 2019 and I still have this blog! I’ve renewed the domain name three times, pledging that one day I would return to blogging, and here I am. Life is much different than it was in May 2016. I’m not even going to go into explanations, because it would take far too long, and I’m here to write about my sewing pursuits. So here we go…

What’s Currently On the Sewing Table:

I am making a couture-style cardigan jacket with the burgundy plaid fabric that I acquired in Paris… three years ago just before this blog went on hiatus. I think it’s fairly suitable as a reunion with this blog, don’t you? As I’m currently tucked into bed with my iPad, I don’t have photos but I’ll try to tackle that tomorrow.

What’s In the Queue:

I’ve been busy getting entries ready for the Saanich Fair (including the Paris Plaid) but I have a number of projects in mind for the fall (not necessarily in this order):

  • A new onesie for my growing boy – the last one was made last summer and he’s already grown out of it.
  • A rainbow bargello quilt, also for the boy because his bed needs a new quilt for fall/winter
  • Some t-shirts, but I need to find a good pattern first and then I think I might do some assembly-line cutting and construction.
  • Some fall dresses to wear to work – hoping I’ll get to be a pattern-tester for one dress that I saw on Facebook, but if not then I will do some Tested & True sheath dresses.
  • Work pants. I don’t have nearly enough comfortable work pants, but fitting pants is such a PITA.

Now that I have a cover stitch machine, knits will be fun, but changing the thread on that machine is a special nuisance. I’ve been sewing in colour groups lately – I did 5 black garments this spring before it got too hot to sew. Now I have white on the cover stitch, because I did a bathing suit, but I don’t sew much with white thread otherwise. I’ll have to assess the stash.

I may also try out making some underwear because it seems so hard to find good day-wear panties in the stores nowadays. I’d also like some non-underwire non-padded weekend bras and I think I should be able to copy off one I’ve got.

So much sewing, so little time. I love it.