I cleaned up the sewing loft today, a task which was far overdue. I think making projects from scratch is more messy than sewing from patterns because of the iterations of muslin, pattern tissue and fashion fabric. My table is still piled high with patterns pieces that have to be matched to their homes. And there is a UFO on the dress form… a fabulous fabric which didn’t love the pattern I tried to use for it, so I am going to re-use the material for something else soon.

With the loft all clean like this I feel like I can offer to host someone here who would like to do a supervised sewing project. Perhaps it is time for that A-line skirt you have been itching for which isn’t sold in stores at the moment? Or is it a simple pair of PJ pants? Tell me on Facebook what you are itching to create and we will find a time for us to work together to make it come to life! (probably after Dec 25).